Emissions Depot Palm Vein Scanner User Guide


The kit consists of the hand guide, palm vein scanner unit, and a USB cord. The hand guide should come pre-assembled, but you should attach the micro USB end of the USB cord through the bottom of the unit, and through the ziptie loops, to the unit. 

For now, because the BAR-OIS software is not yet ready for the palm vein scanner, we recommend keeping your unit in a safe space until the BAR-OIS Hybrid Client comes out in the coming months.

When the software is ready, plug the completed unit into a free USB port on your BAR-OIS computer. There should be a pop-up saying that the device is installing, and once it is installed it should say it is ready to go.


BAR will release the drivers to this alongside the BAR-OIS Hybrid Client in the coming months. Until then, please keep your unit in a safe space.

How To Use The Device

When prompted by the BAR-OIS software, place your hand on the scanner, placing your palm at the bottom of the unit, and your fingers in the finger rests. 

Taking Care Of Your Unit

Please ensure that as little debris gets onto the device as possible. We recommend regularly using an air duster to keep the surface of the scanner clean. Keep all liquids away from the unit, and we recommend against having beverages near the BAR-OIS computer in general. The unit should be stored at room temperature and should not be left out in the sun.

6th Oct 2022 Hao Xu

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