BAR-OIS Wireless Bluetooth Imager Ruggedized Barcode Scanner

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The MS3-40B wireless Bluetooth barcode scanner is the ultimate data collection tool for a warehouse, small business, or retail space. Bring wireless freedom to your business and capture barcode data quickly and efficiently with durable technology you can trust to get the job done. The powerful scan engine even reads barcode data off screens and other hard-to-read surfaces.


Bluetooth on a Budget

Wireless scanning is more affordable than ever. With over 300 ft of connectivity, your business will enjoy a new degree of flexibility and freedom.

Bluetooth compatible with any smartphone, tablet, or computer–It pairs easily to any mobile device or PC. Set-up is fast and straightforward, without complicated pairing instructions.

Outside of Bluetooth mode, the MS3-40B will store up to 30,000 scans to upload to your devices at your own convenience.

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Built to Perform

Decode any linear (1D) barcode, as well as GS1 Databar codes, stacked codes, and damaged or badly printed labels. Our smart detection technology not only boosts the scan performance of the MS340B, it enhances the accuracy of the scan engine for quick, efficient results.

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Durable Tool

Fortified to withstand multiple 5-foot falls to concrete, the rugged MS340B can handle the natural wear and tear of your business. The high-quality housing is sealed against potential hazards such as moisture and dust, protecting the scanning technology within. Investing in a durable scanner like the MS3-40B is a great way to increase your projects ROI and avoid costly repairs in the future.

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• Reads all common 1D and GS1 codes
• Reads printed and digital barcodes
• Compatible with Bluetooth-enabled computers, smartphones, and tablets
• Includes cradle, USB cable, and power supply
• Wireless Range: over 300 feet
• Withstands 5-foot drops to concrete
• Environmentally sealed against moisture and dust
• Battery life: 50,000 scans
• Warranty: 1 yeara

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