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Gas Caps

Losing a gas cap can be easy to do, and is more common than you might realize. You may think it’s fine to just close the cover to your gas tank, and you may have even driven without obtaining a gas cap replacement. The truth is, driving without a gas cap cannot ensure proper performance of your vehicle. In order for correct fuel line pressure, your gas tank should be sealed off from the atmosphere. Furthermore, gasoline can evaporate through an opening not sealed by a gas cap. This is a problem that could be costly at best, and dangerous at worst. Losing gas means you’ll have to fill up more often, and if the fumes are allowed to collect in a confined space such as a garage, it could lead to an explosion. Fortunately, Emissions Depot® has replacement gas caps for almost any vehicle. We carry trusted Stant gas caps that are well-constructed and reliable. Shop our selection of gas cap replacements below. If you have questions about which one you need for your vehicle, contact us today!